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"Thank you Shades Photography by Lyndsaye Greke for these great photos of Audrey and I.  [Audrey] had an absolute blast taking them and was full of ideas too. Check out Lyndsaye’s work!"

                  -Shawn Mullen

                                         Swift Current

Shawn and his daughter Audrey wanted some daddy-daughter memories.  Audrey loved the camera and came up with some excellent ideas for poses as well!  I love incorporating the ideas of kids!

"I am not sure if I speak for most men, but getting my photo taken has always petrified me.

Thank you Lyndsaye for making this short, sweet and fun for us both.  A great experience. Professional and relaxing at the same time.  Greatly appreciate it and thank you for the memories."

           -James Abdulnour


James and his new bride asked me to come shoot their impromptu wedding after having a successful photoshoot with me for engagement pictures.  He had always been uneasy about having his photo taken, but we made the day light and focused on what would be the most comfortable poses and images for him.


"So, we were very fortunate this weekend to have a family photo shoot with Lyndsaye Greke. We wanted to make sure the whole thing wasn't straight outta pinterest and show our personalities. Lyndsaye made this happen. She sent us a teaser. This is one of my favourites."

                -Jarrod Ursu


Jarrod and his family are as unique as anyone--with BIG personalities that were easy to play with.  Giving them out-of-the-norm pose suggestions was right up their alley.  They enjoyed it so much that after not having family photos for over 12 years, they're looking forward to the next one we do!

"These pictures are beautiful and you did such a great job capturing our little family. You made us feel so comfortable and Zoey loved all of the things you brought to capture her attention! We love all of the photos and can’t thank you enough!"

            -Christine Gregoire


Sweet little Zoey was adorable.  She moves so fast that I was glad I had a bunch of trinkets to keep her attention.  Her laid back mom and dad knew that it was important to just let her be a kid, and it turned out just fine!

DSC_0156 (2)_edited.jpg
J&V (15).jpg

"I’m blown away by the amount of amazing photos Lyndsaye was able to capture in a short and sweet session! She made us feel comfortable, and stress free and she was amazing at accommodating our 3 energetic dogs and balloon props on a breezy day!!

Thank you so much Lyndsaye, for capturing some wonderful moments that we will treasure forever!! And I wish we had done this long time ago!"

               -Vanessa Gordon


This was a fun challenge of a photoshoot that had balloons for a special occasion, 3 very energetic dogs and a lot of wind.  We took a lot of photos in order to get that perfect shot.  It was efficient, it was creative and it was a whole lotta fun!

"We had family portraits taken this Fall with Lyndsaye, and the experience was fantastic! She was so great with the kids, and was incredibly professional. The photos turned out amazing. We would absolutely recommend her company!!"

              -Bradyn Parisian


With four kids of various ages and a husband that wasn't thrilled with being photographed, I was really pleased with how well the day went.  Kids aren't always happy to have to sit still or do what they're told, but it always makes for fun memories!  I like to find ways to get them involved and they seemed to enjoy the freedom to do their own thing, which led to so many smiles!

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